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Public Relations

A. Objective:
  • The general objective is to promote HKITA through publication. Specifically, this includes: Publication of Research Journal of Textile and Apparel so to enhance the academic status of HKITA, publication of Newsletter so as to keep member abstract with the activities and development of HKITA, submission of articles and papers to newspaper and journals and China Textile Engineering Society (CTES) so as to Strengthen the relationship with CTES and to enhance and influence and status of HKITA in mainland China, and other related activities.
B. Responsibilities:
  • To publish the research journal of Textile and Apparel (including collection of papers, overseeing paper review process, editing of papers, printing and distributing the journals).
  • To publish the HKITA Newsletter (collection of articles, translation between English and Chinese, editing, distribution of the newsletters).
  • To collect and submit papers and articles to be published in the journal and newspaper by the China Textile Engineering Society.
  • To publish other work that promotes the interests of the industry and HKITA.