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Fashion Design

Introduction to Fashion Design

  1. Introduction to Fashion
  2. Design Theory
  3. Design Research and Development Process
  4. Fashion Illustration and Presentation
Advanced Fashion Design

  1. Fashion Evolution-A Brief Review of Fashion Through History
  2. Different Approaches to Fashion
  3. Textiles, Prints and Embellishments for Fashion
  4. Advanced Design Research and Development Process
  5. Advance Fashion Illustration and Presentation via Illustrator and Photoshop
Knowledge of Textile Materials

  1. Fibres
  2. Yarn
  3. Fabric
  4. Coloration and Finishing
Design Management

  1. Introduction to Fashion Management
  2. Different Approaches to Design Research and Development
  3. Business Models and Plans for Fashion
  4. Design Products from Different Levels within the Fashion market spectrum
  5. Business and Copyright Laws relevant to Fashion
Pattern Design and Apparel Construction

  1. Introduction to Pattern Drafting
  2. Fundamental Structure of the Human Body and the Measurement Procedure
  3. Dart Manipulation
  4. Cutting and Stitching Different Patterns and Fabrics
  5. Production of Toile
  6. Project Work
Design Collection

  1. Portfolio Contents and Organization
  2. Design Collection