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Apparel Studies and Merchandising

Accounting and Costing

  1. Accounting Concepts
  2. Financial Statements Interpretation and Analysis
  3. Costing Concepts
  4. Product Costing Systems
  5. Budgeting
  6. Capital Investment Appraisal
Textile Materials and Evaluation

  1. Fibre
  2. Yarn
  3. Fabric Formation
  4. Coloration and Finishing
  5. Quality Evaluation
Apparel Industry and Merchandising

  1. Overview: The Textile Complex
  2. Sources and Destinations of Apparel Products
  3. Introduction to Merchandising
  4. Merchandising and Product Development
  5. The Merchandising Management Process
  6. Merchandising Organizations
Apparel Manufacturing

  1. Apparel Manufacturing Processes
  2. Machinery
  3. Pressing and Finishing
  4. Sewing Threads and Needles
  5. Health and Safety Issues in Apparel Manufacturing
Apparel Production and Management

  1. Production Organisation and Control
  2. Floor Supervision and Control
  3. Cutting Room Organisation and Planning
  4. Work Study in Apparel Manufacturing
Design and Pattern
Fashion Design

  1. Definition of Fashion Design
  2. Fashion Evolution
  3. Design Principles and Elements
  4. Understanding of Colour, Fabric and Trimming
  5. Fashion Trend Analysis
  6. Constraints in Fashion Design
  7. Techniques of Visualizing Fashion Concepts and Ideas

Pattern Construction

  1. Assessment of Shape and Measurement of Human Figures of Pattern Construction
  2. Methods of Obtaining Basic Block Patterns
  3. Pattern Manipulation and Adaptation for Various Styles and Fit
  4. Technique of Pattern Engineering
  5. Morphological Analysis of Human Figures
  6. Different Sizing Systems
  7. Introduction of CAD in Design and Pattern Development